4 important emotions for you, your well-being and that of the planet:


IN THE CONCEPT: A message of love towards yourself.

In your bag, you will carry self-love, with you and everywhere. In your bag, you will carry emotions, thoughts, confidence, beauty, ideas, inspiration, creativity, friendship, madness, secrets, an entire life!




In CIHUAH bags, you will carry sustainability and Mexican identity, you will carry tradition and innovation. As a Mexican brand, it is very important for us to work with local artisans and with materials made in Mexico. We have selected an ancestral and sacred element in the culture of ancient Mexican civilizations, obsidian, and a novel and innovative material, natural leather made from nopal, a cactus plant of Mexican origin.

 Collection of bags based on a model of creation and responsible production: As a brand aware of the ecological problem that arises from our industry, we decided not to use animal skin but rather vegetable skin, to have a positive impact and greater respect for the environment. We use a natural and organic leather, made from nopal in Mexico and developed by the certified brand Desserto. The goal is to offer a sustainable and cruelty-free alternative, with low water consumption, without toxic chemicals, phthalates and PVC. The result is an organic, certified and partially biodegradable vegetable leather. We are the first national and international brand to use this bio-material in its products ("Luxury Bio Cactus Leather" developed by the Desserto® company in Guadalajara, Mx).

Courtesy of Desserto (r)

Why use vegan leather?

Every year, 20 million animals are trapped and 40 million are raised and slaughtered on farms for an unnecessary luxury, according to associations that fight for animal rights. Lives taken by a selfish luxury.

The reasons for not using animal skins are several: millions of animals killed annually, species extinction, unnecessary suffering, genetic manipulation, etc. Additionally, animal skins not only involve the death of thousands of animals each year, but their leather tanning treatment involves the use of very dangerous chemicals for health and the environment.

"Think about it. It is just a coat, bag or belt. It is not worth doing that damage. Honestly, do you think it is normal for other living beings to suffer to satisfy a supposed need for clothing or accessories and the imperatives of an outdated fashion that is already repudiated by the majority of the population?" V.G.

The solution is the consumer. For the industry to stop using animal skin, it has to stop consuming it. Today, with the capabilities of technological advances and innovation in terms of developing new materials, you can now buy natural or semi-natural leather with the same level of softness, quality and warmth as animal leather. 

Thanks to new research and above all to a global awareness of the fact of using new ecological alternatives that are friendlier with animals and the environment, a multitude of companies and brands have emerged that are beginning to introduce vegetable leather as a great alternative even as an added value to your products.

This way you can enjoy a material with all the properties of leather but free from animal abuse, ecological and biodegradable. It is a great world advance and CIHUAH is part of this change in habits and conscientious consumption in the fashion industry.


Our goal is to offer a unique, eco-responsible and timeless product, of the best possible quality, handmade by Mexican artisans from Mexico City and at an honest price for the consumer and the artisan. We work with expert artisans from one of the best leather goods workshops in the country, created by Cartier in 1978.

The bags will be launched in pre-order for 1 month (October 2020) and will be delivered within a maximum period of 1 month after their purchase. This model allows us to produce without excess while respecting the environment.




We designed 4 bags respecting the needs of our clients: we were exchanging ideas and experiences with them through various surveys. It is the first time that we work in this way and it has been the most enriching for them as well as for us.

This project is truly a co-creation with our community of women. #cihuahbyyou




The bags fully follow our brand identity with white / black colors and very architectural designs. The collection is made up of four models:

Le Sac-Bijou: Inspired by the famous “pochette” format, this bag looks as much as a bag as a piece or an object of art. We call it "sac-bijou" because the ring that holds the pochette, like a bracelet, is made of brass embracing a sacred and powerful black obsidian.

Obsidian is a beautiful reflection of the history of Mexico. Its knowledge in ancient Mexico comes from prehistoric times of the settlement of America, at least from 10,000 years B.C. approximately. This rock has accompanied humanity since its inception.

Being a natural and volcanic glass, it contains within it the elements of water, fire and earth. It is very protective and healing for the person who will carry it. Spiritually vitalizes the soul, removes blockages, and forms a shield against negativity. They say that whoever charges an obsidian charges an armor against the negative vibrations of the universe. She protects you and you protect her. It is love, care and a lot of energy.

Le Mini: Less is More for one Night. It was created to respond to the need to carry less things or what is necessary for an evening or a short event. Our client also wanted to have several options of use to be able to perfectly fit it with her outfit and create a unique look for her night (on the shoulder, in a crossbody or as a kangurea).

Lunch Box: Inspired by the famous Lunch Box of our childhood. It is definitely a day bag, where you will carry many memories and style. You have the option of wearing it with its crossbody strap or without the strap, by hand.

Maxi Totebag: Fits everything and more. The intention of this bag is to create a new version of the backpack, to fill it with everything you need for your diary (computer, books, shoes, clothes, etc. to carry your child inside). The maxi totebag with a lot of style and design.