Real Women Brand
We empower women through our innovative designs and unique experiences,
creating awareness and rewarding differences.

VANESSA GUCKEL - Founder and Creative Director 

Originally from France, she has been living in Mexico for the past 15 years, and it was here that she was inspired to begin her own label of designer garments. Trained at the National School of Architecture in Strasbourg, France and the School of Architecture and Faculty of Fine Arts in Seville, Spain, she worked for several reputable architectural firms in both France and Mexico before turning to fashion design.

With the understanding that, much like a building, “clothes are the spaces in which the human body lives”, Vanessa´s designs reflect an interplay between architectural concepts and fashion, resulting in a unique and striking image.

CIHUAH means "women" in Nahuatl and pays tribute to indigenous Mexican women, their culture and traditions. The brand is inspired by the basic and sacred geometric patterns of indigenous Mexican clothing while creating a contemporary look.

CIHUAH provides new basic items, iconic pieces, reinvented classics and trend items. All garments are a sophisticated vision in white and black, designed with an attention to the straight line like an exercise of confrontation between the line and the human figure. Architectural theory and techniques are applied, on a small scale, to each garment, using: geometry, proportion, aesthetics, construction-deconstruction, symmetry-asymmetry, balance-imbalance.

CIHUAH's ambition is to propose a new way of living the human body, approaching fashion design with architectural elements, to design and create different garments.

CIHUAH was published in the Directory of Mexican Design presented at the MOMA in New York. Twice Vogue Who’s on Next runner up and winner of Quorum Design Award, and published in the most important fashion editorials like Vogue Mexico, Vogue Italy, Elle Mexico, Harper's Bazaar Español, Instyle Mexico etc.

We create a community and a lifestyle #cihuahwomen

To be #cihuahwomen is to be a woman who inspires us. An independent and strong woman who acts to hold our society accountable and sensitized, who belongs to a community that drives and supports design.